Polyglot programmer, father, amateur chess player

Elevator pitch
I build modular, distributed web applications. Single handedly. Or in a team.
I am a polyglot programmer. I am comfortable programming in Python, JavaScript, Erlang, Smalltalk, and Clojure. As you probably noticed, I prefer working with functional/dynamic languages. And an Unix environment!
Recent experience
WWStay, Product Architect
WWStay is a funded startup in travel domain in Bangalore. As an architect, I automated the workflow with integration to several payment gateways using Django. I built the frontend using Nodejs. I customized roundup for our use and contributed several improvements and fixes. I am working on exposing all our api’s over oauth.
Yahoo, Tech lead, frontend
I initially worked on MyYahoo and built new features for mobile version of MyYahoo and a demo Android native app. I then worked on Yahoo! homepage and built several modules. I was instrumental in keeping test coverage to a high percent and constantly refactored code base.
NDS Services Pay TV Technology Pvt. Ltd
I worked on betting applications ( William Hill ) and casino games ( Betfair ) for Openbet. I worked with Tcl, Informix, Python, JavaScript, and Java. I worked on the entire stack - from database to the frontend. One of my significant contribution was that I was able to demonstrate the use of Selenium for automated testing and continuous integration.
ABB Global Services Ltd
I worked on an application to configure and manage Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). IEDs are electrical devices used to protect power systems. The tool was developed in C# and looks something like this. One of the interesting problems I faced was the numbering of blocks such that the data flow and the engineering constraints are honored.
University of Paderborn (Germany)
I was a research intern in the Department of Mathematics at University of Paderborn, Germany. I worked on circular coloring - a special instance of the normal graph coloring problem. I worked on determining the circular chromatic number of special families of graphs (e.g. Flower Snarks), and also on the problem of circular chromatic index for cubic graphs.
International institute of information technology, Bangalore
I completed my post graduate program in information technology from IIITB. IIITB is a premier institute in Bangalore and I even did a six month internship at Tata Elxsi working on a multimedia messaging system for mobiles (This was in 2002).
National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
I completed my bachelor of Mechanical engineering from University of Mysore. NIE, is a premier institute with over 60 years of history.
Mea culpa
I keep myself upto-date with new technologies and techniques. These are a few projects that I am working on in my free time. These are work in progress, meaning there is an occasional rough edge you might encounter. But I am happy to receive bug reports and fix them. All my projects are liberally licensed.
toystori - share your toys
toystori - share you toys - is a web app for all the lovely mothers and children to share toys. This will hopefully lead to making new friends and having fun. Built with love using Nodejs, Mongodb, Mongoose, expressjs, passportjs etc.
hattira - events near you
hattira - events near you - is the simplest way to discover events near you at a glance. It is an answer to the question - what is happening in my city? It is built using Nodejs, mongodb, mongoose, expressjs, passportjs, jade, bootstrap and some more libraries. The source code is available on git